Our Story

"So they may rise above barriers."

Our story begins on July 27th 2020, when Marine Corps Raider, Benjie Manibog started "Thrash 'N Raid." After serving on active duty for nearly 16 years, Benjie's career was suddently cut short when his wife was diagnosed with stage five kidney failure. Although he left the special operations community behind, he found a new sense of purpose in serving and inspiring others through skateboarding.

Today, we have a team of veteran, active duty, and civilian skaters that all believe in making a meaningful impact in people's lives. Although we origninally started as Thrash 'N Raid, we had to make changes to our name due to a dispute with another company. Today, we are now known as, Think N Rebel (or often called just TNR).

Despite the name change, we are still dedicated to helping others rise above barriers through our actions, not words. In just over two years, TNR has provided hundreds of skateboards to kids in underprivileged communities, dedicated hundreds of hours to serving veterans and service members through Six Feet Above and sponsored dozens of skateboarding, veteran, and charitable events to include: The Berrics Ladies Night, Princemas, Redlands Thrash, Mini Ripperz Skate Contest, The Hero Games, Shred the Trend, and more.

We are so grateful for everyone's love and support. Rise Above.



A group of veterans, service members, and civilians helping others rise above barriers.

Benjie Manibog

MARSOC veteran and founder. Benjie is a family man with a fire team of kids. He's an LA Dodgers fan, loves punk rock music, In N Out and California burritos. He serves as the Operations Director at Six Feet Above and an ambassador to the Honor Foundation.

Nick Le

Served in the Army as a Forward Observer and now serves in the National Guard. Nick is extraordinarily talented. He can skate, play piano, draw, and can shoot fireballs. Well... maybe not the last one, but you never know. He also serves as a board member for Six Feet Above.

Elijah Jackson

He's the king of the visors. Some would say he's the Super-Visor. He's driven by the constant pursuit of progression in all aspects of his life. Elijah is in the Army reserves and currently working towards an electrical apprenticeship and practicing music production.

Harrison Bowman

Marine Corps infantry veteran from Van Nuys, California. Harrison mostly skates transition and loves backyard pools. He'll claim he doesn't skate street, then nosegrinds a 10-stair handrail. He's also the owner of Grindtime Skate School in LA. He hopes to one day score with Deb.

Collin Sullivan

Father, husband, and Active duty soldier. When he's not skating or spending quality time with his family, He enjoys serving others and regularly gives back to the community. But don't let that gorgeous smile fool ya. He's an MMA fighter and will kick your ass while wearing a cowboy hat.

David Singleton

U.S. Army soldier from Florida, but currently resides in Tennessee. David is an incredibly talented and technical skater, but he'll also go easy on you in a game of S.K.A.T.E. He's also got a heart of gold and will give you the shirt off his back and the underwear off his butt.

Logan Joyce

A pro skater from San Juan Capistrano. Logan is a family man, who served a total of 7 1/2 years in the Army. His "why" is "to understand the world better, to make the world better, without making myself worse in the process." He loves hardcore music and the Backstreet Boys. Logan also serves on the Board for Six Feet Above.

Chris Cendana

Marine Corps veteran from Fremont, CA. Chris is a husband and father and one of the funniest guy's you'll ever meet. In addition to being a skater, he's an actor that has been in several TV shows, such as: Lucifer, Good Trouble, How to Get Away with Murder, Kidding, and many more.

Angel Cortes

Former gang member, turned Army Ranger, and now a community leader. Angel is the owner of OG Pumpkin and our "un-official" team member. TNR would not be what it is today without the support from Angel Cortes. He uses the funds from his company to give back to the community.

Addox Elmore

He's only been skating for two years, but he's already on his way to winning BATB. Addox is an amazing street skater, with a ton of style. He lives on a steady diet of Circle K snacks and horchata. In addition to skating, Addox likes fast cars and secretly riding a scooter.

Isabelle Faris

She's a skater, surfer, horseback rider, girl scout, jr. lifeguard and a profressional goofball. Isabelle is a rad transition skater that has placed in multiple skate competitions throughout Southern California. We wouldn't doubt if she becomes President of the United States.

Lennox Weideman

Is going to be the first kid on his block with a tattoo before the age of 15. Lennox is a super rad skater and is always looking for ways to help his family, team, and community. He's hardworking and has a lot of grit, but the smell of his feet could take down a grizzly bear.